Real Estate

Dallas Commercial Real Estate Litigation Attorney

The focus of our commercial real estate practice is to generate value for our business clients. Whethert we are representing a local business or a multinational entity, we work closely with our client to provide absolution tailored to their individual needs.

Our firm provides a wide range of commercial and business law services, including:

  • Negotiation
  • Drafting
  • Reviewing

As we assess a client’s purchase or sale agreement, we recognize that you are entering into an important real estate transaction that can shape the future of your company. For that reason, we are devoted to providing a strong level of legal guidance.

We also have strong knowledge of how to help entrepreneurs and business owners select and form the proper type of business entity. We help clients choose the right corporate structure that will best suit the needs of the company. After the entity has been selected, we guide clients through the formation process.

Using the legal knowledge we possess, we can guide you through the following matters:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Sale agreements
  • Retail and industrial leasing
  • Financing documents
  • Land-use / zoning restrictions
  • Construction contracts
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