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Trade secrets are often among a company’s most valuable assets. Companies frequently try to protect these secrets through additional limitations written into non-compete and employment agreements. At Dunn Sheehan LLP, we have represented many employers in the process of drafting non-compete agreements designed to protect corporate trade secrets.

Representing Your Business Interests in Dallas

Non-compete agreements are standard in many industries and can be used to legitimately protect valued trade secrets and confidential information.

We are well versed in agreements designed to safeguard such assets and information as:

  • Sharing and use of client and vendor lists
  • Sales and marketing information and materials
  • Product design
  • Gas, oil, and other resource sites
  • Lender information

Employees should be aware, however, that they also have significant leverage in limiting the geographical, timeline, and employment restrictions placed on them through non-compete agreements. Whatever side of the equation you may be on, obtaining legal counsel in order to preserve your rights and promote your interests is vital. At Dunn Sheehan LLP, we represent employers, officers, directors, and employees in trade secret and non-compete disputes.

Contact our Dallas business law firm today if you seek more information regarding trade secret and non-compete agreements in Texas.

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