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Back injuries can often result in much more than surface damage, because the impact may reach the spinal cord and cause severe damage to the nerve tissues in the spinal region and the associated vertebrae. The immense pain and agony that results from spinal cord injury (SCI) is only one aspect of the whole thing; the long-term effects can be severe, even resulting in permanent impairment.

A traumatic blow to the back in a slip and fall accident, motor vehicle accidents, premise liability incidents, sports injuries, medical malpractice, and so on, can result in serious damage to the spinal cord. The financial losses created by such an incident are also very serious and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. You’ll have to contact a team of experienced Dallas spinal cord injury lawyers to file a lawsuit against the other party and get compensated for the economic and non-economic damages.

At Dunn Sheehan, we believe that everyone should have a fighting chance for their legal rights regarding injury cases. Spinal cord injuries can leave injury victims in deep pain and completely or partially incapacitated – this lowers the quality of life for the injured person and also introduces monetary damages for them. We will assess your losses, review your case, and deal with it as per the personal injury laws of Dallas to give you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What Are Spinal Cord Injuries?

The spinal cord runs through the vertebral column or backbone, and any damage to the backbone, resulting from a car accident, slip and fall, or amusement park accident can permeate to the spinal cord as well. Since this rod of nerve tissue controls the motor function of a sizeable region, including limb mobility, any damage to the spinal cord can affect a person’s ability in this regard.

Thus any injury to the back can potentially (but not necessarily) become a spinal injury. In short, if a traumatic blow to the back exceeds a certain threshold, allowing it to affect the spinal tissues residing within the backbone, the injury will be termed as spinal cord injury rather than the general term: back injury.

Of course, proper medical diagnosis is required before someone can be sure about the nature of their injury; however, certain symptoms make it quite clear that the damage resides much deeper than the surface.

The extent of the injury you suffered is also a relevant factor, with the potential of affecting your overall compensation. Location of the trauma can be one determining factor, additionally, the severity of the blow is the other important consideration in this regard. To accurately reflect the degree of damage, the medical examiner will determine the lowest functional part of the spinal cord – this will be mentioned in the medical report and will show the extent of the damage (in case of incomplete injuries, the damage is less severe).

Note that seeking a financial settlement with the insurance company of the at-fault insurance company without complete knowledge of the extent of your damage will be foolish. Your lawyer will show you how your compensation will differ with the extent of the damage and what a fair sum in compensation will be for you, depending on whether your damage is complete or incomplete.

In the latter case, some ability to control the associated body segments is retained, while it is lost in the former. Paralysis is a common consequence of spinal cord injury which, as with the injury, can be complete or incomplete.

Symptoms Of A Spinal Cord Injury

As the victim, another responsibility on your end is to seek timely treatment for your injury or any trauma you may have suffered. Normally, rushing to the doctor immediately after an incident is part of the protocol, so that the other party can’t take the opportunity to accuse you of letting your condition worsen. However, even after initial treatment, the extent of the damage you may have suffered may not be known until you start feeling some symptoms indicating a catastrophic injury.

If you note one or more of the following, seek immediate medical care:

  • Loss of sensation from stimuli
  • Loss of feeling or control in the arms
  • Loss of ability to move one's legs
  • Spasms
  • Hyperactive reflex actions
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Difficulty with bladder control
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Having a hard time clearing up your lungs or coughing
  • Troubled breathing
  • Pain in the spinal region

As soon as you feel that your spinal area may have been affected (or that the extent of damage is more than you thought initially), the best course of action is to seek consultation with a medical professional immediately. This will prove to the person responsible and their insurance company that you took all the necessary steps, within reason, to limit the damages you suffered and initiate medical treatment.

Compensation For A Spinal Cord Injury Victim

There is no standard amount for compensation for accident victims who've sustained a severe injury, because it all depends on the type of accident and the extent of the damages. For spinal injury cases, the extent of the injury can be rather severe so the settlement negotiations can move that way too. Your spinal cord injury lawyer will have to figure out the total costs (based on your medical records and expenses associated with your traumatic injuries) and then file for fair compensation against the at-fault party accordingly.

At Dunn Sheehan, an experienced spinal injury attorney will first assess the short-term financial damages associated with the injuries, i.e. the medical costs for immediate treatment, and then the long-term ones, i.e. prolonged physical therapy, cost of medicines, cost of assistive devices. home nursing, lifetime cost (if physical recovery is impossible), and so on. Based on the extent of the damages, an experienced lawyer will draw up an estimate for the fair settlement in your case and then strive to get you compensated accordingly.

Plus, the non-economic losses will also be accounted for as a multiple between 1.5 and 5 (for the sum of economic losses), depending on the extent of the pain and suffering (chronic pain associated with fractured vertebrae, mental anguish, permanent disability, loss of enjoyment of life, or loss of consortium) caused, as per the details of the personal injury claims. Just be sure to consult your personal injury lawyer regarding the matter for an accurate estimate of your losses.

Our Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Can Help You Get Fairly Compensated

The best thing you can do for your spinal cord injury case is to gather all supporting evidence, document your losses, and avoid discussing the details with the insurance adjuster or the lawyer representing the liable party. For severe damages such as spinal cord injuries, you can sue the responsible party for a hefty sum (even millions of dollars), and you should be careful about how you approach matters – contact our personal injury law firm for timely legal action and competent representation.

We understand that a spinal injury puts anyone in a tough financial situation, and we won’t ask for any advance on our legal fees. Our competent spinal cord injury attorneys will work on your spinal cord damage case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we’ll only charge you for the legal process once you get a settlement or a jury verdict, not before that. Plus, initial consultation with a personal injury attorney at Dunn Sheehan is also free, so don’t hesitate to call us now!

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