Collection of Significant Commercial Debts & Judgments

Dallas Debt Collection Attorney

Collection of Significant Commercial Debts & Judgments

Almost every company requires the services of a debt collector at some point. Businesses need to collect past-due customer accounts receivable and contractual debts in order to maintain financial stability. Our firm, Dunn Sheehan LLP, ensures that our business clients are paid so that their financial health is not impacted, which, in turn, allows them to stay in business.

Judgment & Large Commercial Debt Collection in Dallas

If your commercial debt is collectible, we are prepared to locate the debtor’s assets and obtain the money that your company is owed. In qualifying cases, we handle commercial debt collection matters on a contingent fee basis.

To learn more, or to speak to a Dallas business attorney about your situation, call Dunn Sheehan LLP at (214) 367-5911 and schedule a consultation.

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